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Directors LabWest May 24, 2012

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I know it has been a month since my last post- my apologies!
I will post soon to catch you all up but right now I am in the throes of Director Lab West. For now- this year’s group is awesome, smart, funny and mad skilled!


Blessings at the beach April 20, 2012

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Huge thanks to Laguna Playhouse again for the fabulous digs they have put me in during TICKLED PINK.
Whale AND dolphin sighting during my morning walk along the beach today.


INK-ing along March 9, 2012

I can’t believe it has already been almost a week since I arrived in Bangor!

Rehearsals are going well.  We have had some intense table work the last few days and we start blocking tomorrow.  Everyone is bringing such insight and dedication to our show!  Set is being built so I keep popping my head in to take a peak.

Getting settled into Bangor has been fun.  The Charles Inn (affectionately nicknamed The Chuck) is quirky and cozy.  The bar in the lobby seems to be a hopping place each night.

It finally warmed up yesterday so Aubrey, Dylan and I wandered around town.  We hit the Library and got to meet Bill Cook, the local historian.  He has set up a display of publications and artifacts around our show in the main dome area of the library’s 2nd floor.  What a great resource and an amazing collection!

Then we wandered down the street to the University of Maine Museum of Art.  They have such a fabulous collection of work on display right now.  I will have to go back and check it out again.

I need to send a couple of shout-outs:

Shaw’s grocery – grocery shopping always sucks except when you are in a new town and it feels like a brand new adventure.  Shaw’s was big and clean and had a huge selection to make even the vegans among our group happy.  I stocked up on my diet coke and made sure I had some food to nosh on.

Dan at the Market across the street – Dan has become my self-appointed tour guide and foodie for my time in Bangor.  He seems to know everything around here and has given me some great tips on where to get what to eat and all kinds of other entertainment things.  And his wife runs Mexicali Blues which is a fabu clothing and gift shop on the corner that I will spend too much time and money in!  Oh so worth it though.

Poster for the show is going up around town.  Here it is on the entry to the theatre.


The plan… January 10, 2010

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My hope here is to post what’s going on in my world – what catches my imagination; artistic endeavors in several craft forms; etc. 

All readers should be aware that this is a big challenge to myself in the new year.  I have never been able to keep a journal.   But last year was so full of exciting and successful challenges that I am looking forward to this one.

Feel free to join me for this journey.  We all know I love rollercoasters!



Up and running! January 3, 2010

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Hello world!  So I finally caught up with the modern world and decided I need to have a web/blog site of some kind.  Here we go!