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Texture overload January 10, 2010

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Today I went to the fiber trade show in Long Beach with Samantha who owns Abuelita’s Kniting and Needlepoint (check her fabulous shop out at  What fun!  I get a bit obsessed with texture and color so walking around and getting to actually feel all the yarns and be surounded by some wonderful colorwork was exciting.  And then exhausting. 

Glad I went.  Some new ideas and inspiration (and isn’t that what it is all about?!)  The opportunity to learn even more from Samantha was the added perk.


The plan…

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My hope here is to post what’s going on in my world – what catches my imagination; artistic endeavors in several craft forms; etc. 

All readers should be aware that this is a big challenge to myself in the new year.  I have never been able to keep a journal.   But last year was so full of exciting and successful challenges that I am looking forward to this one.

Feel free to join me for this journey.  We all know I love rollercoasters!