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Intro to a new and yummy idea August 19, 2012

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In July, my brother married a fabulous woman.  I am happy to add Kendra to my world as the sister I always wanted and now have!  Part of the wedding celebration was a girls night out for dinner in Wilmington, NC.  While savoring a wonderful creme brûlée at Brasserie du Soleil, I commented on how much I loved this treat and how I like to have it every where I travel.  One of the gals joked that I should do a blog about all the places I eat it at – extolling the virtues or decrying failures.  A sort of road trip desert journal.

I figured the easiest way to do this would be include it in the blog I already have going.  So – theatre lovers: let me introduce you to the best desert creation in history.  And Creme Brûlée lovers: let me introduce you to the creative and passionate world of theatre.  Feel free to mingle!


(It never crossed my mind to take a picture before I started eating.  So here is our first sample of Creme Brûlée – or the dish it came in:)