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Bangor is Burning! March 11, 2012

No one panic.  It isn’t really.  It has just been pointed out to me that something in Bangor is always catching fire.  And that makes sense if you count the number of sirens that I have been hearing every day.  These fire trucks apparently have new sirens and they are VERY loud and must be very proud of them!

We are almost half way through the show with our first pass at blocking.  It is really coming together.  It is such a joy to work with Alice on her play because she is such a giving, thoughtful and creative writer.  I hope we make her proud!

Happy to report Aubrey, Dylan and I found a pretty great Mexican restaurant tonight.  Just up the road near the University in Orono.  I rocked the virgin margarita!

We should finish blocking in the next few days and start playing on the stage.  Will post more then!  Maybe it will have warmed up by then?


INK-ing along March 9, 2012

I can’t believe it has already been almost a week since I arrived in Bangor!

Rehearsals are going well.  We have had some intense table work the last few days and we start blocking tomorrow.  Everyone is bringing such insight and dedication to our show!  Set is being built so I keep popping my head in to take a peak.

Getting settled into Bangor has been fun.  The Charles Inn (affectionately nicknamed The Chuck) is quirky and cozy.  The bar in the lobby seems to be a hopping place each night.

It finally warmed up yesterday so Aubrey, Dylan and I wandered around town.  We hit the Library and got to meet Bill Cook, the local historian.  He has set up a display of publications and artifacts around our show in the main dome area of the library’s 2nd floor.  What a great resource and an amazing collection!

Then we wandered down the street to the University of Maine Museum of Art.  They have such a fabulous collection of work on display right now.  I will have to go back and check it out again.

I need to send a couple of shout-outs:

Shaw’s grocery – grocery shopping always sucks except when you are in a new town and it feels like a brand new adventure.  Shaw’s was big and clean and had a huge selection to make even the vegans among our group happy.  I stocked up on my diet coke and made sure I had some food to nosh on.

Dan at the Market across the street – Dan has become my self-appointed tour guide and foodie for my time in Bangor.  He seems to know everything around here and has given me some great tips on where to get what to eat and all kinds of other entertainment things.  And his wife runs Mexicali Blues which is a fabu clothing and gift shop on the corner that I will spend too much time and money in!  Oh so worth it though.

Poster for the show is going up around town.  Here it is on the entry to the theatre.