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Another town, another show! August 19, 2012

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Hello my peeps!  Sorry it has been a while.  Catch up (Directors Lab West, finally relaxing in my own home – or repainting, etc) will come soon but for now, I wanted to talk about where I am at the moment and what I am up to these days!

Join me in Ada, Ohio!  Home of Ohio Northern University and my current production of THE LIAR by David Ives.  ONU is a beautiful campus kind of in the middle of no where.


I am in a lovely house just off campus in my dad’s home state.  Never thought I would get back to Ohio after all these years, but what a great project to bring me back with!  This play is hysterical, my cast is exuberant, my creative team is awesome and the Communications Department folks are so welcoming and supportive.  All this makes for a great playground to explore 17th century France!

We have had a week of “boot camp” before classes start.  Intensive straight sixes until my students’ days are taken over with other distractions.  I like this way of getting started!  Campus has been kind of quiet – the only folks in the dining hall have been the football team, the marching band and us theatre geeks!  We have immersed ourselves in movement and ensemble building exercises; and we got a rough draft of Act One on our feet.  The rest of the student body moved onto campus this weekend and we will shift to night rehearsals on Wednesday.  And I start teaching on Friday!

Road trip to the Walmart tomorrow night courtesy of my awesome stage manager, Brandea.  Very excited – groceries, supplies and maybe some more weather appropriate clothes!  (You would think with all the cross country traveling I have been doing that I would be better at guessing what to pack.  You would be wrong!)

More to come soon.  Now I need to take a deep look at the duel in Act One – a farcical take on the old tradition: think Looney Tunes meets 1940’s boxing meets badly done ballet!